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Features & benefits

Features & benefits

  • The amplifier has 24 actively shielded referential EEG inputs. The active shielding technology reduces environmental interference and provides high signal quality in situations where the subject is physically active
  • Lightweight, compact, and operates entirely via USB power
  • Enclosure protection class IP22 according to EN 60529 against the intrusion of small objects (e.g. fingers), accidental contact, and dripping water
  • Capable of 24-bit resolution and maximum sampling frequency of 4kHz to deliver superior data quality with a high temporal resolution
  • Additional complimentary SDK provides real-time data access for BCI and neurofeedback applications
  • 4 bipolar channels for recording physiological data synchronized with the recorded EEG
  • 2 TTL inputs for recording triggers from third-party devices
  • 1 TTL output for sending triggers to third-party devices (through SDK only)
  • Fully supported by our user-friendly eego™ recording software package

Fast setup and recording

The amplifier is powered via a USB from the recording device without an on/off switch and is capable of continuous operation without an internal battery. You can start recording from the moment you plug the USB cable into the recording device.

High flexibility - quick preparation

It is fully compatible with waveguard™ net, providing a complete solution that is quick to prepare and simple to use. The amplifier also supports the waveguard™ gel-based as well as dry electrode caps.

High signal quality

All EEG channels are equipped with ANT Neuro’s active shielding technology for reduction of environmental interference, delivering the highest quality EEG channels for on-the-go applications, offsite use.

Easy to integrate

The amplifier is ideal for integrating into your own software application. The complimentary SDK sets you up for a quick start of your research or development.

Fully supported by the eego™ software

The amplifier is fully supported by our user-friendly eego™ recording software package with preconfigured EEG cap layouts and a variety of software features like LSL streaming, remote web control, network events, and archiving.


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