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The waveguard™ net sets a new standard for research applications requiring high-density EEG data acquisition with quick preparation time, high flexibility, and subject comfort.


We are proud to announce waveguard™ net, our new addition to the waveguard family of industry-leading EEG caps. The waveguard™ net is a saline-soaked EEG net designed for a quick gel-free application. It incorporates the most recent advances in EEG sensor technology to provide stable, research-grade high-density EEG signals while maintaining subject comfort in various applications.

The new waveguard net offers the same high quality our users have come to expect from the waveguard family. In addition, sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes combined with the waveguard’s superior active shielding assure cleaner signals for faster and easier interpretation of EEG data.

The waveguard net is saline-based, and the subject preparation is as simple as soak, apply and record. The use of high-quality materials, like the laser-cut silicone and sponge material, provides a highly durable EEG net cap for use during EEG studies for up to 3 hours without the need for rewetting.

The waveguard net cap adds new features and improvements over the competitive products like longer recording time with high-quality data and is competitively priced. This introduction effectively extends the eego™ product lines capabilities in labs requiring very minimal preparation setup and cleaning time is desired, all without giving up on high-quality data acquisition.

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eego™ amplifiers are CE-marked medical devices, according to MDD 93/42/ EEC, class IIa, and have FDA clearance under 510(k). waveguard™ fabric caps are CE-marked medical devices, according to MDR (EU) 2017/745, CE class I, and have FDA 510(k) clearance. All the features for the waveguard™ net and eego™ hub are for research only. Manufactured by eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany, ISO 13485 certified. ANT Neuro and eemagine are part of the neuromotion group. For more information about waveguard™ net and the regulatory status in your country, contact us.

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