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nëo™ CFM

nëo™ CFM

nëo™ is the newest, most easy to use cerebral function monitor (CFM) solution available to busy NICUs. Designed to account for NICU workflows - from electrode application, to monitoring, event annotation and review. The nëo CFM easily integrates into the NICU’s neonatal brain monitoring protocols.



• Selectable from a single, 2 channel recording or up to 8 referential aEEG/EEG channels

• Easy to read Greyscale feature for aEEG

• Online graphical and numeric Burst Suppression Ratio (BSR) and Inter-Burst-Interval (IBI)

• Streamlined setup to initiate monitoring or review sessions

• Easy exporting of data and screenshots at any time

• Quick access to pre-defined and custom annotations


Please contact us or your local distributor for more information. 

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