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The total mobility solution.

One look and it is clear: with 24-bit resolution, an onboard battery with up to 5-hours of recording time, and weighing in at 500 grams, the compact eego amplifier is designed with mobility in mind. eego sports offers complete freedom to collect high-density EEG data, bipolar EMG signals, and a variety of physiological sensor data, wherever and whenever required, with publish quality data in less than 15 minutes!

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While small, eego sports is highly durable and offers a host of add-ons and modules to meet the needs of nearly every researcher interested in the mechanisms underlying cognitive processes and body motion. Recordings can be done in nearly any environment on nearly any subject, even worldclass athletes at work. 

All recorded data is stored directly on the tablet which is carried in the backpack together with the amplifier. This aspect has a great advantage in prevention of data loss. As the amplifier and the tablet are connected directly with each other, the data transfer process does not depend on the quality of the wifi or Bluetooth connection and therefore the data is always safely stored on the tablet. 

What about extending its functionality? The 8 bit trigger output facilitates the synchronization with third party presentation software and the recording of EEG/ERP data in various paradigms. The highly durable system offers a host of add-ons and modules to meet the needs of nearly any EEG or EMG researcher.

Powerful, highly adaptable, and intuitive: eego sports is a system for collecting comprehensive and reliable data of body and mind in real-life settings like no other. eego sports is the ultimate solution for you!

Core features & benefits:

  • Online live EEG and EMG
  • Plug & play system with quick set-up times
  • High-density recordings with ultra-high signal range
  • Available in 4 configurations for recordings of up to 64 referential channels
  • Extended pro configurations include EMG and physiological sensors
  • Support for dry and gel-based EEG caps
  • Acquisition of up to 24 bipolar channels pro version only
  • Physiological sensors for respiration, temperature, skin conductance and acceleration pro version only
  • Artefact protection with the active shielding technology >>
  • Programmable gain
  • Wireless remote control of the complete recording
  • User-selectable sampling rate up to 2048 Hz
  • 8-bit trigger input for ERP studies and synchronization with external devices
  • Compatible with the real-time API for seamless integration with mind-machine interfaces
  • Secure data storage, even when out of WiFi range
  • Archive server solution for safe storage, data backup and external media optional
  • Synchronized video recording optional

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The eego™ amplifiers CE marked medical devices, and have FDA clearance under 510(k).


Whether subjects are sitting, walking, bicycling or running, eego sports records the highest-quality data with ease.
eego sports in combination with motion tracking system (xsens) and eye-tracker(tobii).
eego sports solution
waveguard cap color schemes. From left to right: Large, Medium, Small, Child, Infant, and Baby.
eego sports offers complete freedom to collect data wherever and whenever required
Multi-modal recordings sync perfectly by design in eego sports via 8-bit TTL triggers. Get clean 24-bit data and move freely with eego sports!
The highest-quality data can be collected from multiple systems in tandem, and in nearly any environment.
The system is light and compact enough for even the smallest child, yet robust enough for military personnel in training.
eego sports - the total mobility solution
The Windows 8 tablet and amplifier fit snugly in the eego sports backpack.
The eego software’s intuitive workflow steps, guide users through setting up new recordings, managing new and existing subject entries, and reviewing data files.
Bicycling while recording eeg and emg with eego sports
Perfect for use in neurogaming
eego sports is truly mobile. All the data is stored on the tablet, placed in the backpack, allowing you to move freely without the risk of loosing any valuable information.
Use eego sports as a mobile system or a stationary system, the choice is yours!
Simultaneous EEG/EMG recordings for neurorehabilitation purposes



Experience with eegosports (former type of eego sports) at the BIND Center
In our experience, eegosports™ (ANT Neuro) represents a significant advancement in human movement research across several domains (e.g., sport sciences, physical therapy, and sports medicine) more
Experience with eegosports (former type of eego sports) by Professor David Liley
Our principle reason for choosing ANT systems over competitor systems was their portability, functional flexibility and recording cap quality and durability. more
eego sports brochure
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