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25 Years of ANT Neuro

The 2022 ANT Neuromeeting gave our customers a forum to present recent achievements and the progress that they make in their respective fields, and to discuss and educate themselves on new theories and technologies. We celebrated together the results of great collaborative efforts towards innovation in neuro technology, neuroscience and neurocare as exemplified by the work presented. 

Complete solutions for clinical Neurodiagnostics & Neuroscience research

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TMS neuronavigation solutions   EEG caps   Neonatal brain monitoring

Neuronavigation for every application

News: visor2™ receives FDA 510(k) clearance



Known for their signal quality, comfort and durability. The ultimate EEG caps for researchers and clinicians.



nëo is the aEEG/EEG solution for monitoring the smallest and most fragile patients with features like automatic annotation of seizure activity.

News: nëo™ receives FDA 510(k) clearance

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