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Signal & source analysis for professionals

asa is a highly flexible EEG/ERP and MEG analysis software package with a variety of source reconstruction, signal analysis and MRI processing tools.

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The package combines functional imaging of EEG/ERP/MEG with visualization and co-registration of MRI and CT. asa is available in two software versions; asa erp and asa pro. For a detailed overview of features and differences between the two versions please click here >>

Unlock the potential of your EEG/ERP study

asa tools can be used for a broad range of studies in cognitive and clinical neuroscience. Users are able to process complete studies in batch mode and exchange data with MATLAB for further analysis. The concept of flexibility and openness covers even most complex analysis demands.

asa gives a realistic impression of your experimental configuration together with topographical mapping of EEG and MEG, and the results of your analysis.

User-friendly MRI visualization

Navigating through slices and visualization of 3D models has never worked so smoothly! MRI images with inverse solutions can be fused with fMRI, CT and SPECT images.

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asa is intended for educational and research use only.



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