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eego™ 24


Record mobile EEG anywhere with ease and convenience

The new eego™ 24 amplifier is the go-to solution for mobile/portable EEG research applications that require up to 24 channels with quick setup times for monitoring brain activity in real time, and with the same data quality as the other eego products.

The lightweight 24-channel amplifier is capable of continuous operation. It is powered entirely through USB from the recording computer without an internal battery, making it a useful tool for researchers who need to record EEG data on the go in real-life studies.

The amplifier is fully compatible with the newly released saline-soaked waveguard™ net. The 24-channel shielded waveguard™ net and the eego™ 24 amplifier provide a complete EEG solution that is quick to prepare, simple to use, flexible, and offers research-grade data quality, even in adverse environments.

Key benefits:

  • Has 24 actively shielded referential EEG inputs
  • Powered via USB from the recording device without an on/off switch and is capable of continuous operation without an internal battery
  • Mechanically protected with the softshell to work in most unpredictable environments (IP22 according to EN 60529) even outside the lab
  • Capable of 24-bit resolution and maximum sampling frequency of 4kHz to deliver superior data quality with a high temporal resolution
  • Complimentary medically certified SDK provides real-time data access for BCI and neurofeedback applications

To learn more about features and benefits, click here.

In addition to 24 actively shielded referential EEG inputs, the amplifier has 4 bipolar input channels, 2 TTL-based trigger inputs, which can be recorded simultaneously with our eego™ software package. The amplifier also has 1 TTL-based trigger output, which can be controlled through SDK. To find more about the amplifier specifications, click here.

The amplifier can be ordered as part of ANT Neuro’s standard eego™ solutions packages: eego™ mylab 24, eego™ sports 24, and eego™ rt 24 with and without compatible waveguard™ EEG caps. In addition, the packages come with various options for recording devices and accessories. To find out more, click here.

Still have questions? You might want to look through the FAQ section or contact us here.

The eego™ amplifiers are CE-marked medical devices and have FDA clearance under 510(k). For more information about eego™ and the regulatory status in your country, please send your inquiry via our contact form. Manufactured by eemagine Medical Imaging Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany, ISO 13485 certified. ANT Neuro and eemagine are part of the neuromotion group.

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