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waveguard touch is a dry electrode EEG cap, incorporating the latest developments in dry electrode technology. The unique Ag/AgCl coated soft polymer electrodes provide stable, research-grade EEG signals while maintaining subject comfort. This great innovation paves the way for the future of EEG with many exciting application areas. The combination of these innovative dry electrodes and the industry-leading waveguard cap makes waveguard touch the best solution for dry EEG.

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Facts & Benefits

  • Coated Ag/AgCl EEG electrodes provide stable, research-grade dry EEG
  • Electrode wires are intergrated into the double layered cap fabric
  • Various electrode heights for homogeneous contact and pressure distribution
  • Soft, multi-pin electrode design ensures consistent contact quality, even through hair
  • Active shielding technology and eego software artefact correction for clean EEG signals
  • Available in 8-, 32- and 64-channel variants
  • Available in sizes infant through large adult to ensure a precise fit for many different head shapes
  • Best in class signal quality and comfort
  • CE-certified 

Designed for eego

waveguard touch is fully compatible with your eego amplifier and eego software. The active shielding technology and built-in artifact correction algorithms eliminate noise and artefacts for clean, dry EEG signals. It is the perfect companion for your eego amplifier! 

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