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eego™ product family

eego™ product family


Introducing eego mini-series: With our eego mini solutions, research grade quality EEG or EMG is now possible from your pocket or the palm of your hand

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Choose your solution:

high-density eeg solution
with real-time data access

  • Real-time data access for BCI, neurofeedback and 
    other related applications
  • Three standard configurations:
    16, 32 or 64 channel
  • Portable solution with integrated rechargeable battery and short set-up time
  • Easily extendable with a varietyof physiological sensors

ultra-mobile eeg & emg
recording solution

  • Designed for mobility
  • Plug & play system with with quick set-up times
  • Recordings of up to 64 EEG channels and a variety physiological sensors
  • Wireless remote control of the complete recording
  • Access to rich data of body & mind

multi-modal high-resolution
eeg/erp solution

  • For high-density and
    high-speed EEG/ERP
  • User-selectable
    sampling rate of up to 16 kHz across all 256 EEG channels
  • Ultimate flexibility:
    cascaded solutions are
    easily split and used as
    seperate (mobile) 64-channel
    EEG systems for individual use or group studies
  • Recommended solution for recordings in
    electromagnetic environments
    (TMS, MEG, etc.)
  • Versatile EEG/ERP system with many optional extensions.

 All eego amplifiers are validated as medical devices in the EU, according to MDD 93/42/EEC, CE class IIa, and can therefore be used for research purposes and clinical diagnostics. Outside the EU the amplifiers are intended for research and educational purposes only.

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