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Below you will find the most common questions and answers related to eego 24.

Q: Which EEG caps are compatible with eego 24?
A: The amplifier is compatible with the ANT Neuro’s newly introduced saline-based waveguard net, the gel-based EEG caps waveguard original, as well as dry electrode based waveguard touch EEG caps, offering our customers a broad range of possibilities.

Q: What is the warranty period of eego 24?
A: Like our other amplifiers, eego
24 amplifier comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty.

Q: Can eego 24 amplifier be used for the clinical purpose?

A: The 24-channel eego™ amplifier is a CE-marked medical device following the applicable EU regulations. It is available for research only in the US. Contact us if you have regulatory clearance questions for your region.

Q: Is there an option to integrate eego 24 with our own software package?
A: eego 24 is ideal for integrating into your own software application. The complimentary SDK license sets you up for a quick start of your research or development.

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