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waveguard™ EEG caps

waveguard™ EEG caps


Introducing waveguard touch.

The revolutionary EEG headcap with 8 or 64 dry touch-electrode sensors. 
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waveguard connect caps are a perfect match for hospitals and institutes aiming at reliable EEG, maximum uptime and great patient comfort at attractive prices For optimal signal quality, the electrodes are made of solid tin.


waveguard original is the cap solution for EEG measurements compatible with fMRI, MEG and TMS system. Use of active shielding guarantees high performance in even the most demanding environments.

  • Most suitable EEG cap for AC coupled clinical recordings
  • Tin (Sn) electrodes EEG caps
  • Available in 3 configurations, from 21- 64 EEG channels 
  • Only 6 different sizes to fit baby to adult head sizes
  • High quality at very attractive prices
  • 4 months warranty





  • Most suitable cap for AC and DC coupled recordings in research and clinical settings. Good signals even in (very) slow potentials, e.g. frequency range < 0.5 Hz
  • Ag/AgCl electrodes EEG caps
  • Available in 7 configurations, from 21-256 EEG channels
  • Only 6 different sizes to fit baby to adult head sizes
  • Special range designed for neonates (please inquire for availability in your country)
  • Active shielding technology for good quality recordings even in adverse environments
  • Customized layouts available upon request
  • 1 year warranty

waveguard caps are CE marked, have FDA clearance under 510(k) and MDL issued by Health Canada.

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