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software features

software features

eego mylab software package

Online review
Recording with cascaded amplifiers
Recording with up to 16kHz
Recording & review
Synchronized video recording
Photic flash stimulation Optional
Real-time data access (SDK module) Optional
asa pro  3-month trial license

eego recording and review software

eego software is a powerful and intuitive tool for recording and online manipulation of eeg data as well as data from other modalities. Data from multiple sources is automatically synchronized and stored together in a single database. 

The recording license allows you to record data from your eego amplifier and visualize the data in real-time on the screen. Recording software allows users to apply filters and other data manipulations for improved real-time viewing, while always storing unaltered raw data for offline analysis.

The recording software's review module provides a quick and easy way to view data after a recording session, and enables export of data for analysis in either ASA or the software package of your choice.

Impedance view

Synchronized video recording

The eego software's video recording module adds the capability to record video synchronously with EEG, giving you a rich understanding of the symptoms associated with a particular segment of EEG data.  The video recording feature has many applications, including patient monitoring and gathering of environmental data. (excl. hardware)

EEG with synchronized video recording

Real-time data access (optional)

The eego rt SDK license provides users with software access to supported eego amplifiers in real time. This feature enables direct real-time data access for applications including BCI and neurofeedback. The eego rt SDK provides users with an easy-to-use high-level C++ interface which handles direct binding to the DLL. Read more about the SDK here. >>

Photic flash stimulation (optional)

The optional photic flash module allows the user to collect valuable data about evoked responses triggered by flash stimulation.

Software updates are included with every system purchase, free of charge for a period of six months.

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