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eego™ mylab at a glance

eego™ mylab at a glance

High-speed data at your fingertips

With the sampling rate of up to 16 kHz you won't miss a beat! A high sampling rate is advantageous when recording short-lived brain process. High frequency range in combination with high-density EEG and active shielding technology offers a true solution for experiments where every little change in brain activity counts. 

32 - 256 EEG channels +

eego mylab comes in four variants for recordings from 32 to 256 EEG channels. Not sure whether you want the max of 256 channels? The number of channels can be easily increased by adding additional 64-channel amplifiers to the setup. Additionally, each of the 4 variants can be easily extended for simultaneous recordings with of up to 24 EMG channels or to a combination of EMG channels with a variety of physiological sensors from both the brain and body. Get an overview of options and system components >>

Flexibility of use

The cascaded 128- and 256-channel eego mylab solutions can be easily split into separate 64-channel EEG systems for individual use or group studies. On top of this, turning each 32- and 64-channel amplifier into a mobile system is as easy as adding a dedicated mobility pack. No other system will give you this flexibility.

Multi-modal solution

The system is ideal for investigating all kinds of EEG paradigms, such as (SS)VEP, AEP, MMN, P300 and N2(pc) as well as for complex paradigms in combination with TMS, EMG or customized solutions such as MEG and tDCS/tACS. Due to the programmable signal range and user-selectable sampling rate it offers a high-level of flexibility in experiments. The basic eego mylab configuration comes with a straightforward connection to  EMG, physiological sensors and synchronized online video recordings. You may also want to add EOG, ECG, photic flash and the API for real-time data access. Third-party devices can be synchronized through the 8-bit TTL trigger input port. More about applications >>

User-friendly workflows

eego mylab is equipped with a wealth of software features designed for ultimate flexibility and intuitive performance. It is loaded with user friendly software features for simple and complex experiments, including a step-by-step recording workflow, impedances check, subject entry management, online data review, synchronized video recording and more. The eego recording and review software in combination with asa pro guides the user through the whole process of EEG acquisition and analysis. A 3-month trial version is included. More about software features >>

Optimal signal quality thanks to active shielding

By using eego mylab in combination with a shielded waveguard cap, users are able to record high-quality EEG in conditions where conventional electrode systems would not work. For instance, when doing EEG/ERP research using a portable ERP system without having access to shielded rooms. In these cases the active shielding of the electrode leads continuously delivers good quality data protected from 50/60 Hz environmental noise.

Key benefits of active shielding:

  • Movement of electrode cables do not interfere with EEG recording.
  • Good signals, even when impedances are high.
  • Signals shielded from 50/60 Hz environmental noise.
  • No need for expensive and fragile pre-amplifiers at the cap.
  • Compatible with dry and gel-based EEG caps.

Functional design

eego mylab has been carefully designed to serve the needs of modern researchers. To ease the highly-demanding work and shorten the setup times, the system is made to work off-the-shelf. No more spending extra time to connect the system in a proper way. The connection between the caps and amplifier is as straightforward as connecting labeled connectors with the matching input ports. Smart design has been integrated in many ways to achieve the best performance during experiments. Thanks to the ultra-high input impedance of 1 GOhm, the preparation time is minimized while the quality of recordings is optimized. Additonally, due to the integrated battery the amplifier is very compact and light - even when cascaded to the max. of 256 EEG channels, it will only occupy the space of a small-form factor computer. See amplifier specifications >>

at your fingertips

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The eego™ amplifiers are CE marked medical devices, and have FDA clearance under 510(k).

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