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Tracking tools
A wireless pointer tool is used for acquiring electrode positions. The position and orientation of the tool is tracked and visualized real-time on a monitor.

A head reference tool is affixed on the patient’s head, to allow the tracking of the patient’s head movements.

xensor software on a high-performance PC
xensor software is delivered on a high-performance Windows 7/8 PC for optimized work efficiency.

Optical tracking system
The electrode digitizer system is based on the NDI infrared camera system. The camera sends out infrared light which is reflected by multiple reflective spheres on the tools. This produces highly accurate location information that is used for the digitization of each electrode position.

Remote control
xensor comes with a wireless remote control which allows easy switching between different steps in the workflow. Press left or right to go back or proceed with the procedure, choose the upper or lower button to rotate the 3D head model in different directions. 


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