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research-grade EEG

research-grade EEG

The unique Ag/AgCl coated soft polymer electrodes in the waveguard touch cap provide stable, research-grade EEG signals while maintaining subject comfort. waveguard touch is fully compatible with your eego amplifier and eego software. The active shielding technology and built-in artifact correction algorithms eliminate noise and artefacts for clean, dry EEG signals.

Artefact reduction module

The eego artefact reduction module* is an artefact reduction and interpolation feature, specifically designed for dry electrodes. With this module, the 64-channel waveguard touch cap truly shines and is unique in the market.

The eego artefact reduction module unlocks two powerful tools: a method for reducing the artefacts, resulting in 64 cleaned channels, and an interpolation method that allows you to project the high dimensional data to a standard 21 channel clinical layout.

Comparison: Dry electrode EEG cap vs conventional gelled EEG cap

* Experimental feature provided for evaluation purposes only. Not to be used for diagnostics purposes. Not supported on older EE-20x amplifiers. eego sports users with the older amplifier are advised to upgrade both amplifier and software (releases 1.7 and higher) in order to unlock this module.

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