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eego™ software

eego™ software

The eego sports solution comes with a powerful recording and review software. 
The eego software’s intuitive workflow steps, guide users through setting up new recordings, managing new and existing subject entries, and reviewing data files. Recordings are stored in an MS-SQL server database and can be accessed and archived through standardized interfaces. 

With just few clicks you can activate a new recording and show incoming data in the intuitive and flexible eego software data recording interface. The amplifier connection and status are detected automatically.
The automatic electrode impedance-checking feature for all channels before and after recordings (including REF and GND) ensures confidence in data quality.

A host of EEG analyses can be done with asa. For example: basic filtering, artefact correction, averaging in time and frequency domain and advanced signal-processing methods such as 3D-mapping and source reconstruction (for a full list of asa features, go here>>).

Using the eego software you can review all data that is stored in the database. It allows you to look over the EEG data much as you would on a paper printout, with all the benefits of digital display. You can for instance apply a different montage to the data, change filter settings and quickly skip over many seconds or minutes of data. In additions, it allows you to export the data to a file, for further analysis in another application.

asa pro is tightly linked  with recording software for quick review, analysis and export of data recordings in a variety of formats (e.g., asa/eeprobe, ASCII, EDF, .cnt, .eeg, etc.).



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