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EEG/ERP Amplifier

cognitrace uses a modern amplifier, optimized for high quality EEG/ERP recordings. The DC amplifier allows recording of even the lowest frequencies. Active-shielding technology and fiber-optic data transmission protect against signal noise introduced by either the environment or patient movement. A 32 channel amplifier is supplied by default, but 64 and 128 channel amplifiers are available as well.

Recording and Review System

The cognitrace recording system consists of a modern PC with a large, high-resolution display and the cognitrace software installed. The basic system includes everything for recording, presentation, analysis and reporting of the neurophysiological tests and the P300 protocol. The extended stimulation system (see below) optionally adds more cognitive tests and options to the system.

Stimulation Accessories

Provided with every cognitrace system is a set of accessories for patient stimulation and response measurement. The auditory stimulation kit includes an audio board and headphones to present auditory stimuli to the patient. The visual stimulator can present light flashes up to 60Hz. The response button or pad allows registering patient input to determine e.g. reaction time and accuracy in tests.

waveguard EEG Cap (Optional)

The waveguard EEG caps is designed and developed by ANT to complement the advanced EEG/ERP amplifier. The innovative sintered Ag/AgCl electrode elements enable very quick application and provide excellent signal quality, even at low frequencies. Active-Shielding technology is supported to protect against signal noise from the environment or patient movement. The soft technical fabric and silicon electrode housings give the cap a comfortable fit to the patient.

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