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The system consist of the following parts:

SmartMove robot
Robot arm with power supply unit and remote control

Computer and Display
Control unit and the SmartMove software for the robot arm
High Performance PC – Windows 7 32-bit; Intel Core 2, 2.13 GHz; 4 GB RAM; 500 GB HDD
23” or 24” LCD monitor

Tracking Tools
Calibration board
Available for all standard TMS coils and a variety of custom coils
Referential head band
Pointer tool

3-Dimensional Optical Tracking System
NDI Spectra®
Manufactured by Northern Digital Inc., Canada
Unit accuracy for one marker: 0.25 mm (rms)

TouchSense (optional)
Built-in force feedback sensor for control and safety

Camera Mounting
Wall mounting system – camera mount only

Mobile Cart Station (optional)
Sturdy robot table resistant for robot weight and rotations
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 80cm x 60cm x 60cm
On wheels for easy repositioning

Reclining Patient Chair (optional)
Adjustable with a separate remote control
Maximum load: 180 kg (397 lbs)


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