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nëo™ CFM SW 1.4 now released!

nëo™ CFM SW 1.4 now released!

As part of ANT Neuro’s pioneering products in EEG technology, the latest release of the nëo™ Cerebral Function Monitor (CFM) continues to meet our customers’ needs as they relate to neonatal brain monitoring. The nëo monitor provides continuous bedside monitoring delivering vital information to clinicians assisting them with earlier diagnosis and treatment.

The nëo monitor is the optimal CFM solution for fast & simple routine neonatal bedside brain monitoring. The release of SW V1.4 provides clinicians with more flexibility in viewing aEEG/EEG data and now includes the addition of automatic annotation of seizure activity, all while maintaining easy user navigation to support busy NICU staff.

New features and modifications in nëo CFM SW V1.4

The value of the nëo monitor is improved with the following new features:

  • Enhanced GUI for event marking module
  • Added automatic annotation of seizure activity on up to 2 user-defined aEEG/EEG channels
  • Added translations into Romanian, Chinese

Based on our customer feedback, and to enhance our NICU users' needs, we have also made the following modifications to the nëo monitor:

  • A pictogram of a head is now displayed as an underlay beneath the electrode positioning in the impedance check workflow
  • Text for “Online Review” and “Monitoring” mode in the aEEG and EEG view is now enlarged
  • Default settings are now adjusted for Impedance and signal quality settings
  • AiO disk space is increased from 250GB to 480GB RAM
  • Updated Quick Reference and Background Pattern Classification guides are released
  • Neonatal Waveguard Original cap application guide is released

Note: nëo SW v1.4 is currently not available in USA and Canada. The nëo monitor is available in the following languages (in addition to the newly added language listed above): English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish. The nëo monitor is not available in all countries; various registration activities are underway, and availability will be announced as released for sale in the associated new countries.

Contact us or your local distributor for more information

For more information about the nëo CFM and the regulatory status in your country, you can contact us here.

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