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Experience with eegosports (former type of eego sports) at the BIND Center

Experience with eegosports (former type of eego sports) at the BIND Center

In our experience, eegosports™ (ANT Neuro) represents a significant advancement in human movement research across several domains (e.g., sport sciences, physical therapy, and sports medicine) because of its innovative capacity to register muscular and neurophysiological data simultaneously, in dynamic settings in general, and in sport contexts in particular.  

So far, we have used eegosports™ in two different contexts:

  1. In one study we aimed at detecting the neural schemes underlying the abstract notion of "interactive brains" in two athletes who performed a common juggling task at increasing difficulty levels. By graph theory we quantified how brain functional efficiency changed between individual and cooperative work patterns, correlating neuro-functional data with EMG data, personality traits, and task difficulty. We are now completing the analyses and shall soon publish and share the totality of our findings with the broad scientific community.
  2. Another study was performed on drivers in a simulator. It aims at detecting the neural schemes in drivers during the projection of three different virtual landscapes: Urban, Extra-urban, and Mixed. EEG data will be analyzed in relation to muscular reactions while driving in the three virtual environments. The results will be used by civil engineers in the design of new roads in Rome.

In both studies we found eegosports™ very useful because it allowed us to register EEG and EMG simultaneously, with no need to synchronize different devices. In the study on jugglers, eegosports™ showed the further advantage of allowing the athletes to juggle with no restrictions. Finally, the interface of eegosports™ is user friendly and one can quickly learn the fundamental steps of data collection and analysis. We also found the support personnel at ANT very friendly and effective in clarifying any questions our research team had.  

By Silvia Comani

Associate Professor
Director of BIND Center
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