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Individual Alpha Peak Frequency in Ice Hockey Shooting Performance

Individual Alpha Peak Frequency in Ice Hockey Shooting Performance

Sommer Christie, Selenia di Fronso, Maurizio Bertollo and Penny Werthner
Frontiers in Psychology

There are several important inter- and intra-individual variations in individual alpha peak frequency (IAPF) in the cognitive domain. The rationale for the present study was to extend the research on IAPF in the cognitive domain to IAPF in the sport domain. Specifically, the purpose of the present study was twofold: (a) to explore whether baseline IAPF is related to performance in an ice hockey shooting task and (b) to explore whether a shooting task has an effect on IAPF variability. The present investigation is one of the first studies to examine links between IAPF and sport performance. Study results did not show significant changes in IAPF when comparing baseline IAPF and pre- to post-task IAPF across three performance levels. The findings support previous literature in the cognitive domain suggesting that IAPF is a stable neurophysiological marker. Future research should consider the following methodological suggestions: (a) measuring IAPF during sport performance instead of at a resting state, (b) changing the pre-performance resting baseline instructions to take into account sport-specific mental preparation, (c) exploring an expert-novice paradigm to accentuate performance ability differences between groups (d) comparing tasks with different levels of complexity, and (e) analyzing the possible correlation between IAPF and performance on different days.

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