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application areas

application areas

TMS is a reliable and safe neurostimulation method that is widely used for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. The integration of EEG recordings with EMG-TMS provides a valuable non-invasive tool to investigate the functionality of the human motor cortex in health and disease states.

It provides useful insight onto the mechanisms by which MEPs are modulated and helps achieve a better understanding of the pathological processes that underlie neurological and psychiatric disorders such stroke, pain, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression.

Combined EEG-EMG-TMS may in addition facilitate the assessment of functional cortical impairments in conditions such as stoke or tumours. Using visor2 XT adds accurate real-time neuronavigation that fully support combined EEG*-TMS studies. It is compatible with a wide range of TMS stimulator models and TMS coils for full and flexible support of the neuromodulation community.

Pre-surgical speech mapping is available as an extension module. See the separate visor2 functional mapping brochure.


  • Neuroscience research (e.g. depression, pain, schizophrenia, stroke and cognitive psychology)
  • Online EEG*-TMS
  • Online EMG-TMS
  • Visual information processing
  • Scientific validation
  • Learning and memory


  • Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs)
  • Nerve conduction velocity
  • Emergency medicine
  • Investigation of motor and sensory functions
  • Noninvasive mapping of motor cortex and speech function


  • Depression
  • Stroke
  • Tinnitus
  • Pain

*visor2 in combination with EEG- for research purpose only.

visor2 software CE marked as a medical device in the EU, according to MDD 93/42/EEC, class IIa. Medical Device License (MDL) issued by Health Canada. Manufactured by eemagine GmbH, Berlin, Germany, ISO 13485 certified. ANT Neuro and eemagine are part of the neuromotion group. Outside the EU and Canada, intended for research and educational use only. In the United States, limited by federal law to investigational use only. *PowerMAG is manufactured by MAG&More GmbH, see separate brochure for regulatory information.

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