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Setting up eeprobe

Setting up eeprobe


Run as root:

1. cd /
2. tar xvfz /path/to/eeprobe_3.3.170.tar.gz
3. bash /opt/eep3.3.170/share/eep/scripts/


eeprobe depends on software from wibu. The software can not be downloaded directly from this website. Please visit to download their linux WIBU-KEY Runtime Kit.

Once eeprobe is installed, add to your ~/.bashrc the following line:

source /opt/eep/share/eep/scripts/


Run the command: /opt/eep/bin/licinf and copy and paste the result of that command and send it to us (please select Product support as subject in the contact form and name eeprobe set up in the comment).

You will receive a license from us after veryfing proof of purchase.

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