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eego™ 1.9.1. software now released!

eego™ 1.9.1. software now released!

As part of ANT Neuro’s pioneering products in EEG technology, eego™ is an integral component addressing both clinical and research user’s needs. The latest release of the eego™ software extends the high value and addresses the needs of our customers’ for both multimodal data acquisition and rapid, streamlined EEG monitoring.

eego™ is the optimal modular recording solution for fast & simple HD-EEG and multimodal data acquisition both for mobile and stationary setups. eego™ is a highly flexible, modular and compact acquisition platform for high-density EEG, EMG as well as additional physiological and environmental sensor signals both in clinical and research applications. The eego™ software is the core component to control the amplifier, merge multiple data input, and conveniently manage and review patient and recording data. eego™ has regulatory clearance in various markets, a long-standing reputation when it comes to signal quality and flexibility with an easy to use software interface.

eego™ has been carefully designed to adapt to a multitude of use cases. The new eego™ software release adds new features and improvements that further extend its modular configuration capabilities. This latest release of the eego™ software provides users the most flexible platform available while maintaining the easy and reliable workflows, designed to shorten the setup times and work effort.


New features in eego 1.9.1.

The eego™ software and thus all eego™ solutions are enhanced with the following new and improved features:

Improved dry electrode module

  • Compatibility with waveguard™ touch 32 channel caps, and forthcoming 128 and 256 channel caps. Compatibility with waveguard™ touch 64 channel caps continue

  • New topographic signal quality and signal reliability views. Similar to the known impedance mode view, a single overview enables simple channel contact quality assessment

  • Added support for simultaneous bipolar and sensor signal acquisition during dry electrode artefact reduction

Added SpO2 sensor support

  • Multiple SpO2 related parameters can be recorded simultaneous with EEG, bipolar and other auxiliary sensor data

  • Including automatic sensor disconnection and bad signal detection

  • Supporting the Nonin XPod®* , a market leader in SpO2 data

  • A wide range of sensor types including fingerclip, earclip and forehead sensors is available 

Added webserver remote control

  • New web browser-based remote control of individual and multiple eego™ software clients

  • New simple remote annotation (free text) in individual or multiple eego™ software clients recordings

Improved subject / patient and recording management

  • New filter and search functions

  • New convenient data input dialogs

  • New patient and recording notes

Extended LSL support

  • Improved support for LSL event streams with formats string, 32 or 63 bit integer

  • New online LSL streaming of EEG, impedance and triggers in parallel to recordings in eego

  • Support for incoming LSL streams from (remote) eego™ software clients

Improved data safety

  • Encrypted patient metadata in the database

  • Added (non-obligatory) password protection for the application options access. Including password reset procedure (via remote support).

  • Added option to anonymize data for export

  • Added option to set patient data as “read only”

Third-party sensor cap support

  • Added amplifier and montage setups including topographic impedance view to support the following third-party sensor net models: HCGSN v1.0 (32, 64, 128 and 256 channel); GSN 200 v2.0 (64 channel); GSN 200 v2.1 (128 and 256 channel)

  • Separate adapter hardware for third-party sensor nets to eego™ are available


We strive to meet the needs of our users, and have made the following modifications to enhance the usability experience with the eego software:  

  • Improved support for all currently released 32, 64, 128, and 256 channel waveguard ™ original and waveguard ™ touch

  • Improved database backup feature with options to recover an existing backup into eego

  • Added export and import of amplifier setups and montage setups

  • Added new export dialog with extended options

  • Improved archive server features

  • Added GUI localization in English, German and Russian

  • Improved setup of cascaded amplifiers

  • Improved video support and video legacy mode for support of DirectX™** compatible devices


* Nonin and XPod are registered trademarks of Nonin Medical Inc.

** DirectX is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation


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