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ANT Neuro uses its expertise to make community masks available

ANT Neuro uses its expertise to make community masks available

*** Update: availability of the ANT Neuro masks has been discontinued ***

For over a decade, ANT Neuro has been involved with the fabrication and distribution of the durable, high-quality waveguard family of EEG caps for use in research and clinical EEG settings. That involvement has led us to develop a “Community Facemask” (FM-101) to make a useful contribution to combat the lack of masks in a period where many countries are starting to lift the restrictions of lock-down. 

Existing customers can use the discount code FriendsOfFriends when ordering before May 31st, to be eligible for a 15% discount. 

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The FM-101 is a high-quality, easy to use and clean non-medical mask that meets European requirements for the community use of masks in public places such as shops and public transport. It builds on the craftsmanship and detail for quality that the waveguard caps are known for.

Here are some of the benefits of the FM-101:

  • The FM-101 covers the nose and mouth to help reduce the velocity of respiration flow or expelled bodily fluids (coughing or sneezing). 
  • The two outer layers of biocompatible COOLMAX® technology fabric assure great moisture management, wicking performance and wearing comfort. 
  • Mask sizes are identified by the different inside colors (blue – large, red – medium, yellow – small).
  • Different inside colors also help you easily distinguish it from the outer layer.
  • Using the mask can aid in the awareness of social distancing measures and contribute towards the reduction of the further spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • Machine washable up to 60°C. Due to its reusability, FM-101 is more environmentally friendly than the use of multiple disposable masks.
  • Increased comfort with a two-point, ear and elastic strap fixation to reduce stress on ears.

Please note that he FM-101 face mask is not a medical product and did not pass any regulatory or functional tests that would qualify it as a medical product or a medical-grade personal protective equipment.

By using our decade of experience, we hope to make a small but positive impact towards the recovery from SARS-CoV-19, and perhaps get you to work in your clinic and lab just a little bit quicker. 


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