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ANT Neuro joins the ALERT project

ANT Neuro joins the ALERT project

ALERT –  neurAL intERface measures mental sTates

It is important to gain insights into the mental states of operators in control rooms and other complex systems. Cognitive load and alertness influence performance and can lead to human errors, which can have serious consequences. Warning lights illuminate if there is a mechanical error, but not if one of the operators is not functioning properly. Likewise, in educational settings, measuring the mental states of students can provide the insights needed to improve online learning. 


Project Partners

Thales Netherland, Artinis Medical Systems, ANT International, Noldus Information Systems, University of Twente. Tennet are an associate partner.




ALERT is a project from the European Fund for Regional Development, which is funded by the European Union and the regional governments of the East of the Netherlands.

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