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ANT Neuro establishes new office in the UK

ANT Neuro establishes new office in the UK

We are happy to announce the launch of our own UK office.

ANT products have had a major presence in the field of UK neuroscience for many years, however until now we have not had opportunity to bring focus to our own brand identity. As of April 2016, ANT Neuro UK was formed, finally allowing us to gain the recognition of our achievements and success overseas, to be appreciated on UK soil within its own right.

The establishment of our UK office enables us to strengthen existing relationships as well as gain the opportunity to work with new customers. This will ultimately lead to simpler channels of communication with the benefit of a more personalised level of service and support from a truly dedicated work force. With this level of focus, ANT Neuro can deliver the very highest level of satisfaction to customers. Forming these direct operations, brings us closer to you, the customer. We are able to demonstrate our solutions, help with installations and provide the very best training in order for you to get the most from our products.

In the UK we will be represented by Mr. Dylan Jones, a highly experienced and respected TMS/EEG application specialist. Dylan not only has a scientific background with his Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience but can offer high level technical support as a result of his undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering and over 6 years experience as an electronic design engineer. Get in touch with Dylan by dropping him a message: 



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