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Neural Processing of Valence-Dependent Feedback During Extensive Motor Learning

Neural Processing of Valence-Dependent Feedback During Extensive Motor Learning

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Event Location: 
Online, Webinar

Motor automatization, characterized by a reduced involvement of attention-dependent processes, is moderated by the valence of augmented feedback during practice. This webinar deals with neural measurements during feedback-based learning of a sequential arm-movement task which is practiced over five sessions (192 trials each). To gain deeper insights into the underlying neural mechanisms, time- and phase-locked frontal ERPs (feedback-related negativity [FRN], late fronto-central positivity [LFCP]) and non-phase-locked time-frequency activity (frontal theta [4-8 Hz]) are evaluated time-locked to feedback-onset. Neural activity was analyzed with respect to feedback-valence (positive, negative) and regarding practice-related changes from the first to the last practice session. This webinar will be presented by Linda Margraf, who is currently located in the Psychology and Movement Science group at Paderborn University. This is also where she started her PhD in 2019, which is expected to be competed in February 2024. For her PhD project she dealt with the neural processing of valence-dependent augmented feedback during extensive motor learning. From 2008-2015 she studied sports science with a focus on “psychology and exercise” respectively “intelligence and motion” at Bielefeld University. Afterwards she initially worked in an orthopedic practice. After parental leave and employment in a physiotherapy with training support, she found her way into science.

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