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ANDREA course (satellite symposium)

ANDREA course (satellite symposium)

Right before the ANT Neuromeeting kicked-off, participants had the opportunity to learn more about dry-electrode technology during the ANDREA Training Course.

To get an impression of the ANDREA course, see the program below or read more about the ANDREA project here: 


ANDREA Training Course | Wednesday 18 January, 2017

14:30-14:50   Inside the brain of athletes: Neural processes that support performance
    Maurizio Bertollo
14:50-15:10   Data analysis and comparison metrics for dry and wet EEG electrodes
    Patrique Fiedler
15:10-15:30   Analysis of dry-electrode EEG data in athletes
    David Stone
15:30-15:50   Coffee break
15:50-16:10   Dry electrode validation in clinical routine
    David Liley
16:10-16:30   Dry electrode solutions: from concept to product
    Frank Zanow
16:30-16:50   The Arch Electrode: A Novel PU based Dry Electrode Concept
    Beatriz Vasconcelos
16:50-17:30   Dry electrodes (Demo & Hands-on)
17:30-18:15   Closing remarks (Silvia Comani)



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