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High-performance solutions for EEG, EMG, TMS & more


eego family

waveguard family

visor2 product range

eego™mylab waveguard™original visor2™QT NEW
multi-modal high-resolution the ultimate eeg cap best-price navigated TMS
eeg / erp solution with up to 256 electrodes solution for routine clinical use
eego™sports waveguard™connect visor2™LT NEW
ultra-mobile eeg & emg tailored to perfection navigated TMS & pre-surgical
recording solution in clinical eeg evaluation solution
eego™rt waveguard™touch NEW visor2™XT NEW
high-density eeg solution with revolutionary eeg headcap  combined EEG-TMS &
real-time data access with 8 or 64 dry electrodes pre-surgical evaluation solution 
eego 8 solutions NEW   visor2™ST NEW
research grade eeg or emg from   complete navigated rTMS, functional 
the pocket or palm of your hand   mapping & EEG/EMG package
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