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Image guided TMS navigation defined by you

visor2 provides industry-leading precision, reliability, and consistency for TMS sessions. With its meticulous digitization procedures and advanced 3D visualization it allows you to easily fine-tune, analyze and replicate any previous procedure with absolute confidence.

Available in three system variants - QT, LT and XT, to meet the needs of any type of user.

Trust what you see

visor2 is the highly sophisticated neuronavigation system that will successfully guide you through each step of a TMS session. Its precision integrated with unique functionality allows you to work efficiently, irrelevant to the complexity of your project.

Designed to match your needs

The leading edge visor2 navigation system allows you to position a TMS coil effectively over preselected brain regions. Through highly advanced 3D images, yet easy to acquire, you are able to see the depth, location, and shape of the magnetic field in relation to the subject`s brain in real-time. This is the new way of TMS targeting accompanied with high precision to ensure the highest level of health-care quality and patient safety.

Some of the features:

  • Dual-coil navigation (available in XT version only)
  • Patient preparation and neuronavigation procedures separated for faster and more efficient clinical routine
  • Option to use different TMS stimulator and coil combinations
  • Auto-connection with camera and handling of tracker visibitlity status
  • Online motor mapping of up to 8 EMG channels
  • Simultaneous visualization of EMG and MRI
  • Targets for coil positioning based on MRI, EMG or coordinates (e.g. in Talairach coordinate frame)
  • Automatic processing of imported MRI (DICOM, Analyze, Nifti) to obtain realistic models of the scalp and the brain
  • Real-time visualization of induced electric field
  • Accuracy check during the session and upon completion
  • Variety of extensions available for extra functionality
  • Compatible with all major TMS systems, including Magstim and Magventure.

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visor2™ is CE marked as a medical device in the EU, according to MDD 93/42/EEC, class IIa. Medical Device license (MDL) issued by Health Canada. Outside the EU and Canada the system is intended for research and educational purposes only.

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