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Prof. Dr. Sampsa Vanhatalo

Prof. Dr. Sampsa Vanhatalo

“Ten years ago, my research studies had shown that neonatal EEG could only progress if the brain was recorded with substantially more electrodes than the standard neonatal caps included at that time. I also realized that none of the products in the market was able to cope with the necessary challenges that face neonatal EEG caps, hence, we decided to develop this with ANT’s waveguard caps.

The requirements were challenging. The caps had to be easy to use by any EEG nurse and technician. The EEG data quality had to be high even in long-term recordings of EEG in the extremely challenging environment of neonatal intensive care units. And of course, the caps had to be clinically tested and approved for use on the vulnerable preterm babies.

The intensive collaboration with ANT resulted in the unique neonatal caps that range in size from the smallest preterm babies to infants. Over the past five years my daily experiences with the caps have been excellent. Also my EEG technicians, who use the caps in routine EEG studies, always choose the waveguard cap over another cap. They find it much faster, easier and reliable.”


Prof. Dr. Sampsa Vanhatalo
Head of Children’s Neurophysiology
Professor and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Neurosciences, University of Helsinki
Research Director at the Department of Neurosciences, University of Helsinki.


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