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features & benefits

features & benefits

Maximum comfort for patients

The breathable Coolmax™ fabric in combination with soft silicone electrode cups ensure comfortable fit over extensive periods of time. While being soft to the skin, the durable fabric includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system which takes care of derivation of perspiration away from the body in warm environments. The soft electrode rings lessen the pressure from the electrode sensors, which is essential in reducing skin irritations that are caused by many other available EEG caps in the market.

Optimal signal quality

Tin has been widely used for many years in clinical and research areas with good longevity and signal quality. It is the most commonly used electrode sensor material in clinical applications as it has proved to be very reliable in AC coupled clinical recordings with frequency range higher than 0.5 Hz. waveguard connect electrode sensors are made of pure, solid tin which provide the user with optimal signal quality at all times.

Quick and easy application

All cap electrodes are pre-positioned according to the international 10/20 system. Thanks to the pre-positioned electrodes, the application of the caps is easy and the preparation time for each patient is significantly reduced as compared to placing each electrode individually. The entire procedure from preparation and gelling to recording is achieved in less than 10 minutes!

Straightforward connection

The waveguard connect caps are compatible with all major EEG amplifiers used in clinical environments, such as NicoletOne and Mitsar. The EEG caps come by default with a D-SUB 25 connector for a quick and straightforward connection. A D-SUB to single point touch-proof adapter can be additionally purchased for interaction with other third-party amplifier head-boxes.

Only 6 sizes to fit baby- adult size heads

The waveguard connect caps are available in 6 different sizes with 21 EEG electrodes, all featuring the international 10/20 system layout.

Different colors for different sizes

We have applied four distinct colored fabrics in specific combinations to allow a quick selection of the right size. A size label can be found at neck.


Easy cleaning and short drying times

Cleaning is a very important step of preserving the cap's condition. Cleaning of the waveguard connect cap is simple and easy. Watch the video below!



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