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What kind of saline solution is required for preparing the waveguard net?

We recommend the following formulation for saline water preparation: 1 liter of lukewarm water + 2 tsp of KCl (potassium chloride of reagent grade) + 1 tsp of Johnson's baby shampoo. 


How long can the waveguard net record without rewetting?

waveguard net can support recording for up to 3 hours without the need for rewetting.


Which EEG amplifiers are compatible with the waveguard net?

waveguard net comes with a Tyco68 connector and is compatible with the EE-2xx range of eego amplifiers.


Can we record bipolar sensors together with the waveguard net?

Yes, using waveguard net with eego™ solutions, we can record bipolar channels with various physiological sensors for high-quality data of body and brain.


What settings are required in the eego software to use the waveguard net?

eego™ software is provided with the amplifier setups for all the waveguard net sizes and configurations. After that, it is as simple as soak, apply and start recording.


What is the disinfection and cleaning best practice that you advise with the waveguard net?

The waveguard nets cleaning and disinfected instruction are outlined in the waveguard net user manual [UDO-SM-0297]. The net connectors need to remain dry during cleaning and disinfection.

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