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Complete ERP analysis for neuroscience research

eeprobe is a complete package for the study of event-related brain activity. The package has been designed to suit the high standards of neuroscience research.

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ERP analyses in psychophysiology and neuroscience in general require a multitude of processing steps. eeprobe is thoroughly evaluated in advanced research, and contains all necessary procedures to perform a complete analysis of your data.

The eeprobe software is a Unix/Linux package, and runs on Intel platforms as well as on Mac OS X.

Use of average viewer for your publications

The average viewer of eeprobe can show differerent configurations and combine viewing traces with displaying maps. The signal inspector of eeprobe allows the review of individual traces and has a buid-in tool for peak detection and scoring. Once the peaks are marked they can be exported to a file and stored with your averages and used for your statistical analysis.

All display settings in the average viewer are user-definable which makes the tools excellent for your research publications. Whether you want to do something as simple as increasing the line-thickness of the curves or adding text, everything is possible. Next time you try eeprobe make sure you try the t-maps to test whether two conditions resulted in significant differences.

Powerful study automation

Analysis of large data sets is made efficient through advanced scripting possibilities. eeprobe is a flexible solution for automated processing of single subject and grouped data. Scripts can be setup from within eeprobe.

The eeprobe tools for data processing have been developed for routine analysis at the Max Planck institute for Cognitive Neuroscience in Leipzig, Germany and are available for other institutions through ANT.

eeprobe is intended for research use only.

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