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Announcement: Neuromeeting program 2015

Announcement: Neuromeeting program 2015

We are glad to announce the program for the 24th edition of Neuromeeting which will be held between 21st and 24th of January, 2015 in Beaune in France. 

Again the meeting will be very diverse and insightful, covering a broad spectrum of the most timely and significant advances in brain research and diagnostics. Some of the topics: 

  • Brain stimulation methods, their clinical applications and effects;
  • Findings on how to enhance sport performance by studying correlations between the human brain and physical movements;
  • New studies indicating biomarkers of neurological disorders;
  • The latest on emerging technologies in the neuroscience landscape.

Gathering of experts

The meeting continues to evolve with each year and also this year we have achieved to deliver you with a truly intriguing scientific program. The program is full of talks by experts from all over the world who have reserved the time to come and use the Neuromeeting as a platform for knowledge-sharing and cross-pollination of insights. To name a few: 

  • Prof. Dr. Walter Paulus
  • Prof. David Liley
  • Dr. Martijn Arns
  • Prof. John Rothwell
  • Dr. Jean-Pascal Lefacheur
  • Prof. Dr. Chris Baeken
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Coenen
  • Prof.Dr. Ulf Zieman
  • Prof. Vincenzo Di Lazzaro
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Daffertshoffer
  • and many more!!

Read more and view the program >>

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