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An Introduction to EEG/Eye-Tracking Integration by William (Sam) Royle

An Introduction to EEG/Eye-Tracking Integration by William (Sam) Royle

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
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EEG is a popular and relatively accessible neuroimaging technology with a wide user base, but data can present issues with signal-to-noise ratio, and the methods generally employed conflate ‘presentation of a stimulus’ with ‘engagement with a stimulus’. In this webinar we’ll provide a brief introduction to the challenges and advantages of combining EEG with eye-tracking, in order to both increase data quality, and better answer your research questions.

The presenter is William (Sam) Royle who obtained his BSc degree in Forensic Science & Psychology (dual honours) in 2012 and MSc degree in Psychology in 2014. He is currently the lead Psychology Technician at Salford University (UK) and secretary for the Association of Technical Staff in Psychology. He has been examining system integration for many years, including looking at the viability of VR/fNIR integration, and methods for avoiding interference in the data during eye-tracking. This session will be followed by a live demonstration of eego system in the relevant setup by ANT Neuro application specialist/ product management team.

The registration is open until 24:00 (CET) on 20.07.2020.

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