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EEG-tDCS & EEG-TMS methodology in research and clinical research settings

EEG-tDCS & EEG-TMS methodology in research and clinical research settings

Event Date: 
Monday, July 17, 2017
Event Location: 
City College of New York, New York, USA


Workshop description:
Intensive workshop dedicated to the use and implementation of EEG with HD-tDCS and EEG-TMS in research and clinical research settings. In collaboration with Dr. Marom Bikson & Nigel Gebodh, there will be a practical guide presented to setting up and recording EEG, as well as interfacing online EEG with HD-tDCS and other forms of physiologic monitoring.



09:50 am   Opening remarks       Chris Schildt

10:00 am Talk: methods of EEG/tDCS Technical aspects of tDCS/EEG Marom Bikson

11:00 am LUNCH *lunch provided  

11:15 am Talk: eego™amplifiers Brief ANT history, eego description, multimodal EEG with ANT's eego amplifiers. KC Chelette

11:30 am Demo: EEG/tDCS Live application of tDCS/EEG: common problems and solutions. Nigel Gebodh

12:20 pm Talk: principles of EEG/TMS   Will Cuthbert

12:40 pm COFFEE BREAK *coffee provided  

01:00 pm Demo: EEG/TMS visor2 navigated TMS workflows with EEG: technical specifications Will Cuthbert

01:30 pm Demo: post-processing EEG Processing multimodal EEG in ASA (advanced source analysis) software KC Chelette

02:00 pm Closing remarks   Chris Schildt


Entrance fee: FREE of charge

More information: contact Chris Schildt (E: M: +1 (608) 204 0878)

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