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Basic QEEG & advanced neurofeedback

Basic QEEG & advanced neurofeedback

Program language

The scientific program will be in English in order to enable all participants to follow the sessions, gain new knowledge and be able to participate in discussions. 

Gathering of experts

The meeting consists of two different symposia differed by knowledge level of the participant.  Dependent of a participant’s experience, it is possible to attend only one of the two symposia. However, it is recommended to attend both symposia (thus; the overall program) to gain from an optimal learning experience. The symposia are going to be led by experts from the respective fields existing out of hands-on training opportunities and scientific learning classes.

M.Sc. BAKK. pth. Khashayar Pazooki

Date of Birth: 22-03-1973
Nationality: German
Specialized in: neuropsychology, neurobiology, QEEG specialist, QEEG based Neurofeedback (SCP specialist), rTMS specialist (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).

Psychotherapy scientist

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)
  • Specialised in Trauma Therapy and PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Specialised in EMDR
  • Director of Psylux sàrl Luxembourg
  • Leader of Neuroclinic / Neuroacademy Luxembourg
  • Leader of Traumainstitut Luxembourg


  • AAP Vienna
  • Neuroacademy Luxembourg • Traumainstitut Luxembourg • AVM Luxembourg
  • AVM Salburg
  • AVM Graz
  • MSK Cairo/Egypte

Dr. Frank Zanow

Frank Zanow studied Electrical Engineering at the TU Ilmenau, Germany and received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics in 1997 at Twente University Enschede, NL. Based on his research work in computer modelling and source analysis of electrical brain activity measured by MEG and EEG, he founded the companies ANT Neuro, eemagine and neuromotion.

Frank has been actively involved in product innovation for noninvasive neuroimaging and neuromodulation technologies. He has been enrolled as Guest Researcher at several European universities (University of Porto, TU Ilmenau, University of Chieti) as part of a dense network of collaborative efforts to improve the understanding of human brain function and provide better technology for mental healthcare.

Dr. Jaap van der Spek

Jaap van der Spek studied Electrical Engineering, dept. of Biomedical engineering, on the University of Twente and obtained his Ph. D. degree in 2002 from the same department. Since 2005 he has been working with ANT Neuro and has been an application specialist and support manager for several years. As such, he has gained extensive experience with all ANT products and has done numerous system installations and given application trainings to a wide range of professionals in neuroscience in several countries.

Since 2012 he is responsible for selling ANT products on the Dutch market and expanded his territory to the entire Benelux in 2016. Furthermore he is responsible for selling of Micromed (clinical EEG) and Mag&More (TMS stimulators) products in the same territory.


Registration to this workshop is required. One can register by emailing the registration form to or

Training Courses Dates Prices
Package 1: QEEG basic workshop (3 days) 25 – 27/09 € 895
Package 2: advanced Neurofeedback course (3 days) 28 – 30/09 € 790
Package 3: dedicated trainee (altogether) 25 – 30/09 € 1400

Included in the registration fee

  • Access to the full scientific program and scientific lectures;
  • Access to workshops and product demos organized throughout the meeting;
  • Tea & coffee breaks;
  • Lunch;
  • Trainig course materials;
  • Special rates for accommodation nearby;

Terms & Conditions


  • Each participant is required to register individually. Group registrations are not accepted.
  • Wen paying with a credit card a surcharge of 7% of the total amount will apply Your reservation is valid only after a written confirmation of ANT Neuro.
  • Registration closing day: September 18, 2017
  • Only persons registered for the meeting are admitted to the program symposia, workshops meals and other activities. Participant badges will be distributed at and must be worn at all times to gain access.
  • All rights are reserved; this document is not legally binding.

Cancellation policy

In case you need to cancel your participation, please inform us by writing an email to or All cancellations received until September 1, 2017 will be processed free of charge. Cancellations made after 1 September 2017, as well as registrants who fail to attend, will be charged a full registration fee.

Certificate of attendance

We will certify the participants' attendance only (no clinical accreditiation included).

Meeting venue

This training course will be held at the Neuroacademy in Mamer (Luxembourg).

53, route d’Arlon
L-8211 Mamer, Luxembourg
T: +352 – 27 99 62 26

Workshop organizer

ANT Neuro b.v.
Colosseum 22
7521 PT Enschede, The Netherlands
T: +31 53 43 65 175
F: +31 53 43 03 795

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