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Your EEG & ERP data recording solution!

asalab consolidates many features into one highly versatile system. The EEG/ERP acquisition system is compatible with MEG, fMRI and TMS, allowing you to collect different types of data at the same time.

Perfect match for every study

asalab can be used for both, clinical and research applications, such as neurological investigations, behavioral psychology, language experiments, or vision research. Types of measurements range from AEP, VEP, SEP, N100, P300, to complex paradigms like CNV, RP and MMN.

The system offers high flexibility and full control over experimental settings, measurements and analysis options.

Industry-leading input impedance

asalab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The amplifiers that are available in the range from 32 to 256 channels, rely on a novel concept with very high input impedance and thus provide stable and noise-insensitive signals. This together with the waveguard electrode caps guarantees excellent signal quality.

One solution for various sources

asalab gives you the option to extend the limits of your study with mobile EEG, high-density EMG grids , eye tracking- and video-integration, or to create your own Brain-Computer Interface.

Some of the features:

  • Multi-modality recording with easy and straight-forward user interface
  • Records highest-quality signal, even outdoors, with TMS, MEG and fMRI or in non-shielded rooms
  • Available from 32 to 256 channels, the portable system fits in a briefcase-sized carrying case
  • 8 extra inputs on amps: 4 bipolar - EMG, EOG, EKG and 4 auxiliary input for GSR, nasal flow, pH sensor, temperature
  • Industry-leading input impedance (10^12 Ohm) and 24 bit resolution
  • Trigger input: 8-bits, TTL
  • Noise < 1.0 microV rms (at lowest sample rate)
  • CMRR > 90 dB
  • asalab is a TMS-compatible EEG system. MEG-compatible upgrade available.
  • Double the number of channels recorded with a cascading kit and identical amplifier
  • Options for mobile EEG, high-density EMG grids, NIRS- , eye tracking- , and video-integration
  • Real-time data processing options for Brain-Computer Interface

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asalab™ is compliant with international standards for use in clinical environments. CE marked as a medical device in the EU, according to MDD 93/42/EEC, class IIa. Medical Device clearance under FDA 510(k).

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