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Preliminary program

Preliminary program

This year we are honored with the presence of renowned session leaders and keynotes from all over the world. During the 3,5-day meeting the participants will be able to attend symposia, workshops and onsite demonstrations. This year’s program will be very diverse and insightful, covering a broad spectrum of the most timely and significant advances in brain research and diagnostics.
  • Dry electrode satellite symposium | Wednesday 18 January, 2017
    Topics: Parameter studies on dry EEG electrodes, Dry electrode validation in clinical routine, Dry electrode solutions: from concept to product etc. 
  • Neurocare symposium | Thursday 19 January, 2017
    Chaired by: Dr. Michael Funke -
    Keynotes: Dr. Jeroen Dudink
    Topics: Neonatal EEG, epilepsy (adult/neonatal), EEG/EP diagnostics
  • Neuromodulation symposium | Thursday 19 January, 2017
    Chaired by: Prof. Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur
    Keynote: Prof. John Rothwell
    Topics: Neuromodulation, neurorepair, TMS presurgical mapping, TMS in depression, etc.
  • Neuroscience symposium | Friday 20 January, 2017
    Chaired by: Prof. David Liley
    Keynote: Dr. Duncan Turner
    Topics: Neuroscience (memory, attention, cognition, brain connectivity etc.)
  • Sports & movement in neuroscience symposium | Friday 20 January, 2017
    Chaired by: Prof. Dr. Andreas Daffertshofer
    Keynote: Dr. Guy Cheron
  • Free communication symposium | Saturday 21 January, 2017
    Chaired by: Dr. John Foxe
    Topics: Neurotechnology, neurofeedback, BCI, neurogaming, multimodality.

The final Neuromeeting program will be available end-November, 2016.

Please check our website regularly to stay up-to-date.

Session leaders


Prof. David Liley
Brain & Psychological Sciences Research Centre (BPsyC)
Swinburne, University of Technology, Australia
Prof. Michael Funke
Operations Director, MHH Magnetic Source Imaging Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Childrens Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston USA 
Prof. Dr. Andreas Daffertshofer
Professor & Research Principal, Faculty of behavioral and movement sciences, VU University Amsterdam Netherlands
Dr. John Foxe
Director of Research of the Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center, Department of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NewYork USA
Dr. Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur
Head of Clinical Neurophysiology and University Research Units, Hôpital Henri-Mondor; Public Hospitals of Paris; Paris-Est Créteil University, France




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